The Studio

With out a clear window to see through accurate decisions cant be made. PMC TB2S-AII and TLE-1 monitor speakers and matched subwoofer were chosen for their clear, detailed, unbiased sound. Orpheus by Prism Sound provides the perfect DAC and a combination of Primacoustic and custom designed and built acoustic products ensure mastering choices are judged on the source material not the room.

Processing is handled by top shelf analogue hardware from Cranesong, Manley and even custom modified equipment like the Millennia NSEQ-2 with Fred Forssell mod, taking an already world class mastering eq and pushing it through the roof in terms of sound.

Contrary to popular belief for some applications I believe digital processing can achieve better results then analogue hardware (gasp!). So we also have class leading digital processing from the likes of
Universal Audio, Sonnox, Fabfilter, Flux and many more.

All cabling is Wireworld Oasis 6 custom made to length with Neutrik connectors.

Studio furniture is custom made.

There is a short studio tour video on the home page

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